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View the all of the math puzzles here on one page.

All Math Puzzles

The Eight Clowns
Queer Multiplication.
The Cross Target.
The Forty-nine Counters.
Eight Jolly Gaol Birds.
The Fly On The Octahedron.
The Dice Numbers.
The Postage Stamps Puzzles
The Man Of Law's Puzzle
"strand" Patience.
The Eccentric Cheesemonger.
Their Ages.
Papa's Puzzle.
The Four Knights' Tours.
Bachet's Square.
The Sheepfold.
The Eighteen Dominoes.
The Snail On The Flagstaff
A Problem In Squares.
The Garden Walls.
The Chalked Numbers
Ovid's Game
The Keg Of Wine.
An Easy Dissection Puzzle.
The Trusses Of Hay.
The Puzzle Of The Canon's Yeoman
The Milkmaid Puzzle.
The Cyclists' Tour.
Gold Packing In Russia.
The Wife Of Bath's Riddles
The Honest Dairyman.
The Ten Apples.
The Educated Frogs.
The "t" Card Puzzle.
The Baskets Of Plums.
Catching The Thief.
A Reversible Magic Square
The Archery Butt
A Question Of Definition.
The Noble Demoiselle
Find The Man's Wife.
The Thirty-six Letter-blocks.
Jack And The Beanstalk.
Mrs. Timpkins's Age.
How Old Was Mary?
The Haberdasher's Puzzle
The Knight's Puzzle
The Four Frogs.
The Mystic Eleven.
The Donjon Keep Window
The Number Blocks
The Spot On The Table.
Lady Belinda's Garden.
A Deal In Apples.
The Three Villages.
The Lockers Puzzle.
The Ribbon Problem
A Puzzle For Motorists.
A Printer's Error.
The Ploughman's Puzzle
The Royal Gardens
The Mystery Of Ravensdene Park
A Tennis Tournament.
Judkins's Cattle.
A New Bishop's Puzzle.
The Nine Counters.
The Manciple's Puzzle
The Ruby Brooch.
Linoleum Cutting.
The Gentle Art Of Stamp-licking.
Curious Numbers.
The Riddle Of St Edmondsbury
The Amazons.
The Square Of Veneer.
The Crescent And The Cross
Thirty-six Mates.
Nine Jolly Gaol Birds.
The Silk Patchwork
A Puzzle For Card-players.
Romeo's Second Journey
Sir Edwyn De Tudor.
The Monk's Puzzle
Plato And The Nines
The Chinese Railways
A New Counter Puzzle.
The Wrong Hats.
At A Cattle Market.
The Spanish Miser.
The Riddle Of The Tiled Hearth
The Queen's Tour.
The Game Of Bandy-ball
The Riddle Of The Cellarer
The Village Simpleton.
The Converted Miser.
The Costermonger's Puzzle.
The Farmer And His Sheep.
Queer Relationships.
The Broken Coins.
The Ten Prisoners.
The Market Women.
A Family Party.
The Riddle Of The Pilgrims
Mr. Gubbins In A Fog.
The Banker's Puzzle.
The Parish Council Election.
A Study In Thrift.
Setting The Board.
The City Luncheons.
The Great Dispute Between The Friar And The Sompnour
Water, Gas, And Electricity.
A Trick With Dice.
Catching The Mice.
The Grocer And Draper.
An Episcopal Visitation.
Dissecting A Mitre.
The Grand Lama's Problem.
The Barrels Of Honey.
The Junior Clerk's Puzzle.
Mary And Marmaduke.
The Coloured Counters.
The Round Table.
Queens And Bishop Puzzle.
The Shipman's Puzzle
The Four Lions.
The Host's Puzzle
The Mouse-trap Puzzle.
Mrs. Perkins's Quilt.
The Underground Maze
The Battle Of Hastings.
A Mixed Pedigree.
The Victoria Cross Puzzle.
The Card Frame Puzzle.
A Time Puzzle.
A Railway Muddle.
The Cross And The Triangle
The Six Pawns.
The Scientific Skater.
The Wizard's Arithmetic
The Runaway Motor-car
Boards With An Odd Number Of Squares.
The Cubic Knight's Tour.
The Eight Rooks.
The Hat-peg Puzzle.
The Seven Pigs.
A Problem In Mosaics.
The Doctor's Query.
Painting The Die.
The Abbot's Window.
Fifteen Letter Puzzle.
Dominoes In Progression.
Building The Tetrahedron.
Digital Multiplication.
Rackbrane's Little Loss.
Boys And Girls.
King Arthur's Knights.
The Japanese Ladies And The Carpet
The Two Trains.
The Letter Block Puzzle.
The Lion And The Man.
Pocket Money.
The Twickenham Puzzle.
A Legal Difficulty.
The Crowded Chessboard.
Queer Chess.
The Three Railway Stations.
Counter Solitaire.
The Spider And The Fly
On The Ramsgate Sands
The Horse-race Puzzle.
The Eight Stars.
Simple Multiplication.
Digits And Squares.
The Potato Puzzle.
A Wonderful Village.
The Club Clock.
The Cook's Puzzle
Visiting The Towns.
The Industrious Bookworm.
The Cardboard Box.
St. George And The Dragon.
The Landowner's Fences.
A Shopping Perplexity.
The Dyer's Puzzle
The Squire's Puzzle
The Football Players.
The Level Puzzle.
A Magic Square Of Composites.
The Great Scramble.
Foxes And Geese
The Puzzle Of The Doctor Of Physic
A Packing Puzzle.
A Juvenile Puzzle.
The Dissected Triangle.
The Diamond Puzzle.
Under The Veil.
The Dutchmen's Wives.
The Peal Of Bells.
The Tethered Goat.
The Fifteen Orchards
The Southern Cross.
The Rook's Tour.
Those Fifteen Sheep.
The Basket Of Potatoes.
The Rook's Journey.
A Queer Thing In Money.
An Easy Square Puzzle.
The Perplexed Plumber
The Artillerymen's Dilemma.
The Star Puzzle.
The Five Dogs Puzzle.
Lady Isabel's Casket
Immovable Pawns.
Card Magic Squares.
The Troublesome Eight.
The Four Princes
Three Men In A Boat.
Exercise For Prisoners.
How To Draw An Oval.
The Riddle Of The Crusaders
Captain Longbow And The Bears
The Bag Of Nuts.
What Was The Time?
Academic Courtesies.
The Reve's Puzzle
Inspecting A Mine.
The Rookery.
The Christmas Pudding.
The New Year's Eve Suppers.
A Fence Problem.
The Buried Treasure
The Two Rooks.
The Forsaken King.
The Cyclists' Feast.
The Frogs Who Would A-wooing Go
The Sixteen Sheep.
The Motor-car Tour.
The Friar's Puzzle
Wine And Water.
The Riddle Of The Fish-pond
The Dorcas Society
The Cardboard Chain.
The Century Puzzle.
A Deal In Eggs.
The See-saw Puzzle.
Adding The Digits.
The Five Dominoes.
Giving Change.
The Pebble Game.
An Amazing Dilemma.
Round The Coast.
Bishops In Convocation.
Five Jealous Husbands.
Under The Mistletoe Bough
The Yacht Race.
Farmer Wurzel's Estate.
Drawing A Spiral.
Mother And Daughter.
Cutting A Wood Block
The Cushion Covers.
Noughts And Crosses
The Puzzle Of The Prioress
Such A Getting Upstairs.
The Knight-guards.
A Match Mystery.
Mamma's Age.
The Torn Number.
Counter Crosses.
Mrs. Smiley's Christmas Present.
The Mysterious Rope
The Miners' Holiday.
The Chifu-chemulpo Puzzle
The Three Motor-cars
Tilting At The Ring
Concerning Tommy's Age.
The Riddle Of The Sack Wine
The Domino Frame Puzzle.
The Eight Sticks.
The Ten Counters.
Catching The Hogs
The Compasses Puzzle.
Heard On The Tube Railway.
The Broken Chessboard
The Number-checks Puzzle.
Buying Chestnuts.
A Charitable Bequest.
The Barrels Of Balsam.
The Barrel Puzzle.
The Great Grangemoor Mystery
The Clothes Line Puzzle.
The Antiquary's Chain.
The Cross Of Cards.
The Exchange Puzzle.
St. George's Banner.
Indiscriminate Charity.
The Coinage Puzzle
The Squares Of Brocade.
The Secret Lock
The Five Pennies.
The Eight Engines.
A Kite-flying Puzzle.
The Eight Villas.
A War Puzzle Game.
The Paper Box.
The Nine Almonds.
The Sabbath Puzzle.
The Primrose Puzzle
The Stop-watch.
The Tapiser's Puzzle
The Frogs And Tumblers
The Sompnour's Puzzle
Crossing The Moat
The Nun's Puzzle
The Round Table
A New Money Puzzle.
The Nine Schoolboys.
The Ball Problem.
Buying Presents.
Odd And Even Digits.
The Four Kangaroos.
The Spanish Dungeon.
Digital Division.
The Grand Tour.
The Gardener And The Cook.
The Table-top And Stools.
The Hydroplane Question.
Wilson's Poser.
Ancient Chinese Puzzle.
The Beanfeast Puzzle.
The Four Porkers
A New Match Puzzle.
The Pardoner's Puzzle
The Family Ages.
The Widow's Legacy.
The Barrel Of Beer.
The Leap-year Ladies.
Card Triangles.
Plates And Coins.
The Magic Strips.
Donkey Riding.
Find Ada's Surname.
Making A Flag
The Siberian Dungeons.
Two Questions In Probabilities.
The Perplexed Cellarman
The Hat Puzzle.
The Wapshaw's Wharf Mystery.
Hannah's Puzzle.
Changing Places.
The Two Horseshoes.
The Digital Century.
Another Joiner's Problem.
Lions And Crowns.
Torpedo Practice.
The Chessboard Sentence.
Painting A Pyramid.
The Twelve Pennies.
The Five Tea Tins
The Garden Puzzle.
A Lodging-house Difficulty.
The Stonemason's Problem.
Beef And Sausages.
The Greyhound Puzzle.
A Queer Coincidence.
The Labourer's Puzzle.
The Three Groups.
Chequered Board Divisions.
The Three Sheep.
The Chinese Chessboard.
Drawing Her Pension.
Robinson Crusoe's Table
Youthful Precocity.
The Icosahedron Puzzle.
The Muddletown Election.
The Chocolate Squares.
The Puzzle Wall.
The Two Pawns.
Defective Observation.
Circling The Squares.
The Pentagon And Square.
Painting The Lamp-posts.
A Dungeon Puzzle.
The Hymn-board Poser.
Concerning Wheels.
The Forty-nine Stars.
The Pierrot's Puzzle.
Two Crosses From One
The Fifteen Dominoes.
The Merchant's Puzzle
The Farmer's Oxen
The Mandarin's Puzzle.
How To Make Cisterns.
The Five Brigands.
Mrs. Hobson's Hearthrug.
Average Speed.
The Game Of Kayles
The Tube Railway
The Eight Queens.
The Puzzle Of The Squire's Yeoman
The Bicycle Thief.
The Christmas Geese
A Magic Square Of Composites.
Chessboard Solitaire.
The Banner Puzzle.
Domestic Economy.
The Dissected Circle.
Bridging The Ditch
The Motor-garage Puzzle.
The Abbot's Puzzle.
The Bun Puzzle.
The Languishing Maiden.
A Post-office Perplexity.
The Deified Puzzle.
Puss In The Corner.
Stealing The Bell-ropes.
The Montenegrin Dice Game.
A Calendar Puzzle.
Romeo And Juliet
The Kennel Puzzle.
A Railway Puzzle.
The Puzzling Money-boxes.
The Thirty-three Pearls.
The Weaver's Puzzle
The Fifteen Turnings.
Slow Cricket.
A Puzzling Legacy.
The Voters' Puzzle.
Counting The Rectangles.
Magic Squares Of Two Degrees.
A Dormitory Puzzle.
Square Money.
Crossing The Stream.
The Tramps And The Biscuits
Reaping The Corn.
The Crescent Puzzle.
The Nine Treasure Boxes.
The Cornish Cliff Mystery
The Cab Numbers.
Chinese Money.
The Sultan's Army.
The Excursion Ticket Puzzle.
The Nelson Column
The Eccentric Market-woman
The Joiner's Problem.
The Amulet
The Two Aeroplanes.
More Mixed Fractions.
The Yorkshire Estates.
The Four Postage Stamps.
Chaucer's Puzzle
A Puzzling Watch.
The Skipper And The Sea-serpent
The Honeycomb Puzzle.
The Silver Cubes
The Franklin's Puzzle
The Five Crescents Of Byzantium.
The Village Cricket Match.
The Betsy Ross Puzzle.
A Puzzle With Pawns.
The Wizard's Cats.
The Dovetailed Block.
The Glass Balls.
Central Solitaire.
Mixing The Tea.
The Queen's Journey.
The Wassail Bowl.
A Chain Puzzle.
The Mandarin's "t" Puzzle.
The Ambiguous Photograph
The Eleven Pennies
Who Was First?
The Millionaire's Perplexity.
The Tube Inspector's Puzzle.
The Four Sons.
The Three Teacups
The Parson's Puzzle
Digital Square Numbers.
Farmer Lawrence's Cornfields.
New Measuring Puzzle.
The Christmas-boxes.
Another Linoleum Puzzle.
The Four Elopements.
The Crusader.
Tasting The Plum Puddings
The Folded Cross.
The Three Clocks.
The Adventurous Snail
Puzzle In Reversals.
The Two Errand Boys
The Suffragists' Meeting.
A Bank Holiday Puzzle.
The Sailor's Puzzle.
The Magic Knight's Tour.
The Passenger's Fare.
The Riddle Of The Frogs' Ring
The Sculptor's Problem.
The Union Jack.
The Clerk Of Oxenford's Puzzle
The Tiring Irons.
The Board In Compartments.
Buying Apples.
The Six Frogs.
Placing Halfpennies.
Two New Magic Squares.
Heads Or Tails.
The Cone Puzzle.
The English Tour
The Thirty-one Game
The Carpenter's Puzzle
Simple Division.
The Great Monad.
Next-door Neighbours.
The Miller's Puzzle
The Railway Station Clock.
The Four Sevens.
The Grasshopper Puzzle.