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(Money Puzzles)
Professor Rackbrane was spending an evening with his old friends, Mr.
and Mrs. Potts, and they engaged in some game (he does not say what
game) of cards. The professor lost the first game, which resulted in
doubling the money that both Mr. and Mrs. Potts had laid on the table.
The second game was lost by Mrs. Potts, which doubled the money then
held by her husband and the professor. Curiously enough, the third game
was lost by Mr. Potts, and had the effect of doubling the money then
held by his wife and the professor. It was then found that each person
had exactly the same money, but the professor had lost five shillings in
the course of play. Now, the professor asks, what was the sum of money
with which he sat down at the table? Can you tell him?

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