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Money Puzzles

A Post-office Perplexity.

Youthful Precocity.

At A Cattle Market.

The Beanfeast Puzzle.

A Queer Coincidence.

A Charitable Bequest.

The Widow's Legacy.

Indiscriminate Charity.

The Two Aeroplanes.

Buying Presents.

The Cyclists' Feast.

A Queer Thing In Money.

A New Money Puzzle.

Square Money.

Pocket Money.

The Millionaire's Perplexity.

The Puzzling Money-boxes.

The Market Women.

The New Year's Eve Suppers.

Beef And Sausages.

A Deal In Apples.

A Deal In Eggs.

The Christmas-boxes.

A Shopping Perplexity.

Chinese Money.

The Junior Clerk's Puzzle.

Giving Change.

Defective Observation.

The Broken Coins.

Two Questions In Probabilities.

Domestic Economy.

The Excursion Ticket Puzzle.

Puzzle In Reversals.

The Grocer And Draper.

Judkins's Cattle.

Buying Apples.

Buying Chestnuts.

The Bicycle Thief.

The Costermonger's Puzzle.

Mamma's Age.

Their Ages.

The Family Ages.

Mrs. Timpkins's Age.

Mother And Daughter.

Mary And Marmaduke.

Concerning Tommy's Age.

Next-door Neighbours.

The Bag Of Nuts.

How Old Was Mary?

Queer Relationships.

Heard On The Tube Railway.

A Family Party.

A Mixed Pedigree.

Wilson's Poser.

What Was The Time?

A Time Puzzle.

A Puzzling Watch.

The Wapshaw's Wharf Mystery.

Changing Places.

The Club Clock.

The Stop-watch.

The Three Clocks.

The Railway Station Clock.

The Village Simpleton.

Average Speed.

The Two Trains.

The Three Villages.

Drawing Her Pension.

Sir Edwyn De Tudor.

The Hydroplane Question.

Donkey Riding.

The Basket Of Potatoes.

The Passenger's Fare.

The Barrel Of Beer.

Digits And Squares.

Odd And Even Digits.

The Lockers Puzzle.

The Three Groups.

The Nine Counters.

The Ten Counters.

Digital Multiplication.

The Pierrot's Puzzle.

The Cab Numbers.

Queer Multiplication.

The Number-checks Puzzle.

Digital Division.

Adding The Digits.

The Century Puzzle.

More Mixed Fractions.

Digital Square Numbers.

The Mystic Eleven.

The Digital Century.

The Four Sevens.

The Dice Numbers.

The Spot On The Table.

Academic Courtesies.

The Thirty-three Pearls.

The Labourer's Puzzle.

The Trusses Of Hay.

Mr. Gubbins In A Fog.

Painting The Lamp-posts.

Catching The Thief.

The Parish Council Election.

The Muddletown Election.

The Suffragists' Meeting.

The Leap-year Ladies.

The Great Scramble.

The Abbot's Puzzle.

Reaping The Corn.

A Puzzling Legacy.

The Torn Number.

Curious Numbers.

A Printer's Error.

The Converted Miser.

A Fence Problem.

Circling The Squares.

Rackbrane's Little Loss.

The Farmer And His Sheep.

Heads Or Tails.

The See-saw Puzzle.

A Legal Difficulty.

A Question Of Definition.

The Miners' Holiday.

Simple Multiplication.

Simple Division.

A Problem In Squares.

The Battle Of Hastings.

The Sculptor's Problem.

The Spanish Miser.

The Nine Treasure Boxes.

The Five Brigands.

The Banker's Puzzle.

The Stonemason's Problem.

The Sultan's Army.

A Study In Thrift.

The Artillerymen's Dilemma.

The Dutchmen's Wives.

Find Ada's Surname.