"Wus dat you spoke, Or a fence rail broke?" Br'er Rabbit say to de Jay [50]W'en you don't speak sof', Y[=o]' baits comes off; An' de fish jes swim away. [50] The last three lines of the rhyme was a superstition curr... Read more of Speak Softly at Martin Luther King.caInformational Site Network Informational
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Measuring, Weight, and Packing Puzzles.

The Wassail Bowl.

The Doctor's Query.

The Barrel Puzzle.

New Measuring Puzzle.

The Honest Dairyman.

Wine And Water.

The Keg Of Wine.

Mixing The Tea.

A Packing Puzzle.

Gold Packing In Russia.

The Barrels Of Honey.

Crossing The Stream.

Five Jealous Husbands.

The Four Elopements.