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(The Guarded Chessboard)
Here is an extension of the last game of solitaire. All you need is a
chessboard and the thirty-two pieces, or the same number of draughts or
counters. In the illustration numbered counters are used. The puzzle is
to remove all the counters except two, and these two must have
originally been on the same side of the board; that is, the two left
must either belong to the group 1 to 16 or to the other group, 17 to 32.
You remove a counter by jumping over it with another counter to the next
square beyond, if that square is vacant, but you cannot make a leap in a
diagonal direction. The following moves will make the play quite clear:
3-11, 4-12, 3-4, 13-3. Here 3 jumps over 11, and you remove 11; 4 jumps
over 12, and you remove 12; and so on. It will be found a fascinating
little game of patience, and the solution requires the exercise of some

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