The precocity of some youths is surprising. One is disposed to say on
occasion, "That boy of yours is a genius, and he is certain to do great
things when he grows up;" but past experience has taught us that he
invariably becomes quite an ordinary citizen. It is so often the case,
on the contrary, that the dull boy becomes a great man. You never can
tell. Nature loves to present to us these queer paradoxes. It is well
known that those wonderful "lightning calculators," who now and again
surprise the world by their feats, lose all their mysterious powers
directly they are taught the elementary rules of arithmetic.
A boy who was demolishing a choice banana was approached by a young
friend, who, regarding him with envious eyes, asked, "How much did you
pay for that banana, Fred?" The prompt answer was quite remarkable in
its way: "The man what I bought it of receives just half as many
sixpences for sixteen dozen dozen bananas as he gives bananas for a
Now, how long will it take the reader to say correctly just how much
Fred paid for his rare and refreshing fruit?

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