Now then, ye land-lubbers, hoist your baby-jib-topsails, break out your
spinnakers, ease off your balloon sheets, and get your head-sails set!
Our race consists in starting from the point at which the yacht is lying
in the illustration and touching every one of the sixty-four buoys in
fourteen straight courses, returning in the final tack to the buoy from
which we start. The seventh course must finish at the buoy from which a
flag is flying.
This puzzle will call for a lot of skilful seamanship on account of the
sharp angles at which it will occasionally be necessary to tack. The
point of a lead pencil and a good nautical eye are all the outfit that
we require.
This is difficult, because of the condition as to the flag-buoy, and
because it is a re-entrant tour. But again we are allowed those oblique

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