In a cricket match, Dingley Dell v. All Muggleton, the latter had the
first innings. Mr. Dumkins and Mr. Podder were at the wickets, when the
wary Dumkins made a splendid late cut, and Mr. Podder called on him to
run. Four runs were apparently completed, but the vigilant umpires at
each end called, "three short," making six short runs in all. What
number did Mr. Dumkins score? When Dingley Dell took their turn at the
wickets their champions were Mr. Luffey and Mr. Struggles. The latter
made a magnificent off-drive, and invited his colleague to "come along,"
with the result that the observant spectators applauded them for what
was supposed to have been three sharp runs. But the umpires declared
that there had been two short runs at each end--four in all. To what
extent, if any, did this manoeuvre increase Mr. Struggles's total?

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