Ten hats were hung on pegs as shown in the illustration--five silk hats
and five felt "bowlers," alternately silk and felt. The two pegs at the
end of the row were empty.
The puzzle is to remove two contiguous hats to the vacant pegs, then two
other adjoining hats to the pegs now unoccupied, and so on until five
pairs have been moved and the hats again hang in an unbroken row, but
with all the silk ones together and all the felt hats together.
Remember, the two hats removed must always be contiguous ones, and you
must take one in each hand and place them on their new pegs without
reversing their relative position. You are not allowed to cross your
hands, nor to hang up one at a time.
Can you solve this old puzzle, which I give as introductory to the next?
Try it with counters of two colours or with coins, and remember that the
two empty pegs must be left at one end of the row.

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