When the Smileys recently received a visit from the favourite uncle, the
fond parents had all the five children brought into his presence. First
came Billie and little Gertrude, and the uncle was informed that the boy
was exactly twice as old as the girl. Then Henrietta arrived, and it was
pointed out that the combined ages of herself and Gertrude equalled
twice the age of Billie. Then Charlie came running in, and somebody
remarked that now the combined ages of the two boys were exactly twice
the combined ages of the two girls. The uncle was expressing his
astonishment at these coincidences when Janet came in. "Ah! uncle," she
exclaimed, "you have actually arrived on my twenty-first birthday!" To
this Mr. Smiley added the final staggerer: "Yes, and now the combined
ages of the three girls are exactly equal to twice the combined ages of
the two boys." Can you give the age of each child?

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