Here is a puzzle that will, I think, be found as amusing as instructive.
We are given a ring of eight circles. Leaving circle 8 blank, we are
required to write in the name of a seven-lettered port in the United
Kingdom in this manner. Touch a blank circle with your pencil, then jump
over two circles in either direction round the ring, and write down the
first letter. Then touch another vacant circle, jump over two circles,
and write down your second letter. Proceed similarly with the other
letters in their proper order until you have completed the word. Thus,
suppose we select "Glasgow," and proceed as follows: 6--1, 7--2, 8--3,
7--4, 8--5, which means that we touch 6, jump over 7 and and write down
"G" on 1; then touch 7, jump over 8 and 1, and write down "l" on 2; and
so on. It will be found that after we have written down the first five
letters--"Glasg"--as above, we cannot go any further. Either there is
something wrong with "Glasgow," or we have not managed our jumps
properly. Can you get to the bottom of the mystery?

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