"Mrs. Spooner called this morning," said the honest grocer to his
assistant. "She wants twenty pounds of tea at 2s. 41/2d. per lb. Of
course we have a good 2s. 6d. tea, a slightly inferior at 2s. 3d., and a
cheap Indian at 1s. 9d., but she is very particular always about her
"What do you propose to do?" asked the innocent assistant.
"Do?" exclaimed the grocer. "Why, just mix up the three teas in
different proportions so that the twenty pounds will work out fairly at
the lady's price. Only don't put in more of the best tea than you can
help, as we make less profit on that, and of course you will use only
our complete pound packets. Don't do any weighing."
How was the poor fellow to mix the three teas? Could you have shown him
how to do it?

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