Tommy: "How old are you, mamma?"
Mamma: "Let me think, Tommy. Well, our three ages add up to exactly
seventy years."
Tommy: "That's a lot, isn't it? And how old are you, papa?"
Papa: "Just six times as old as you, my son."
Tommy: "Shall I ever be half as old as you, papa?"
Papa: "Yes, Tommy; and when that happens our three ages will add up to
exactly twice as much as to-day."
Tommy: "And supposing I was born before you, papa; and supposing mamma
had forgot all about it, and hadn't been at home when I came; and
Mamma: "Supposing, Tommy, we talk about bed. Come along, darling. You'll
have a headache."
Now, if Tommy had been some years older he might have calculated the
exact ages of his parents from the information they had given him. Can
you find out the exact age of mamma?

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