This puzzle closely resembles the last one, my remarks on the solution
of which the reader may like to apply in another case. It was recently
submitted to a Sydney evening newspaper that indulges in "intellect
sharpeners," but was rejected with the remark that it is childish and
that they only published problems capable of solution! Five ladies,
accompanied by their daughters, bought cloth at the same shop. Each of
the ten paid as many farthings per foot as she bought feet, and each
mother spent 8s. 51/4d. more than her daughter. Mrs. Robinson spent 6s.
more than Mrs. Evans, who spent about a quarter as much as Mrs. Jones.
Mrs. Smith spent most of all. Mrs. Brown bought 21 yards more than
Bessie--one of the girls. Annie bought 16 yards more than Mary and spent
L3, 0s. 8d. more than Emily. The Christian name of the other girl was
Ada. Now, what was her surname?

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