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(Money Puzzles)
There were two families living next door to one another at Tooting
Bec--the Jupps and the Simkins. The united ages of the four Jupps
amounted to one hundred years, and the united ages of the Simkins also
amounted to the same. It was found in the case of each family that the
sum obtained by adding the squares of each of the children's ages to the
square of the mother's age equalled the square of the father's age. In
the case of the Jupps, however, Julia was one year older than her
brother Joe, whereas Sophy Simkin was two years older than her brother
Sammy. What was the age of each of the eight individuals?


Mr. Jupp 39, Mrs. Jupp 34, Julia 14, and Joe 13; Mr. Simkin 42; Mrs.
Simkin 40; Sophy 10; and Sammy 8.

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